Thursday, July 16, 2009




dangerous grace

Why would anyone reject grace?
It’s amazing.
Just think about it.
You don’t have to pay for it; you don’t have to earn it;
you continue receiving it even when you continually
fail to prove that you have deserved it.
Grace doesn’t leave any room for boasting and comparing.
It always disarms man from his self-righteous claims to
be better than his neighbor.
Grace leads us to worship.
In today’s world we see another philosophy that is gaining
place more and more in international politics.
It’s the demand for justice.
Dictators and evil governments are taken to international
courts and made responsible for their evil works.
Sometimes this takes annoyingly long time in order for
the demand for justice to be fully met.
Grace is not a very popular in these trials.
Grace is not popular in any of the international debates
where people seek for truth and justice.
Grace is often considered to be an enemy of truth.
Those who trust in grace will be considered irresponsible
and wrong.
Soon all those who speak about grace, yes even greater grace,
will be considered dangerous and a great threat for the world peace.
Without grace it is impossible to know God.