Friday, November 19, 2010

Kurban Bayram

Love cannot lose!

In our church office in Budapest I saw a slogan on the wall,
“We don’t need people, we love them.”
This puts our attitudes right.
Actually love meets needs that cannot be met by something less.
Love is the answer to the greatest need of the human heart,
the need to be loved.
We should never correct others without love.
We should not evangelize, not preach, not speak, yes,
not even breath without love.
“Love does no harm to a neighbor.” Romans 13:10
That’s why love is always the best choice
and it’s always there.
There is a difference between love and love.
Loving your spouse or your children must be very different
from loving your enemy.
They are different expressions of the greatest power in the universe,
but the fundamental principle is the same.
Love means giving, disregard of the personal inconvenience, pain or loss
and receiving with the same conditions.
John spoke about Jesus’ love being perfected. I John 2:5
He said it can happen with anyone who obeys God’s word.
Without a personal relationship with the Word of God our love
is limited to words and superficial statements.
True love goes further than that.
It’s amazing to see how far it actually goes.
“Even if I made my bed in hell…” Psalm 139:8