Monday, March 30, 2009


GRACE FACE / Vladislav Mikrukov

name: Vladislav Mikrukov, SLAVIK
church: Greater Grace in Samarkand, Uzbekistan
profession: Man of letters, Poet
lately encouraged by:I am always encouraged by brothers and sisters in the church.But most of the time I'm encouraged by God. In every small detail in my life I can see God.
mission vision: I can see spiritual growth in the church,in people's lives.They are becoming better and pure,drawing near to God.
special prayer request: Pray for my health.That my faith would be strengthened without doubts.
special greetings to: p.Matti,p.Joseph Marian,and to others who know me.
e-mail: zcasmin

"broken clouds" exhibition will be open till Wednesday, Welcome!

go on encouraging

How does encouragement work, this powerful choice
to impart hope and faith to one another?
In some cultures encouragement is such a rare commodity
that when it happens people don’t know how to relate to it.
One day a person asked me to stop encouraging her.
She said that every time somebody encourages her she feels
like a failure. “Isn’t that a clear sign that I have failed, when
people feel that they have to encourage me?”
I refused to stop.
The moment I stop encouraging I start loosing my faith.
Genuine encouragement works wonders.
Words, attitudes, attention have power to restore faith and
bring people back to follow Jesus again.
A tap on the shoulder can sometimes do ten times more
than a long academic lecture about the call of God.
Satan knows the power of encouragement.
He has established a vast support system for people to
be encouraged to rebel against God. His encouragement
is based on lies. “It doesn’t matter. Everyone does it...”
The lasting encouragement comes from those things that
God has said. Opinions and ideas will pass away, but
truth will triumph throughout eternity.
Don’t let anything nor anyone discourage you today.
Get out with His words.
“No man ever spoke like this man!” John 7:46
“They marveled at the gracious words that proceeded
out of his mouth...”Luke 4:22
“Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will by
no means pass away.” Matthew 24:35
His words are full of hope.
They have power to pull people out of fire.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"A Kiss In The Garden"

Stop lying!

Who can stop all believers from lying?
It seems to be such a strong structure of the fallen soul,
lying by speaking and by not speaking.
Unfortunately all men in all nations have cultivated this
“art” to he maximum.
We all lie and deceive ourselves to think that we are
good at it.
The Holy Spirit teaches us the truth fact by fact,
pattern by pattern, grace upon grace.
If the Holy Spirit doesn’t have any authority in my life,
nothing will stop me from lying.
Judas asked a very noble sounding question:
“Why wasn’t this anointment sold and the money given
to the poor?” John 12:5
But he was lying.
He had learned the right vocabulary but
refused to let the Word of Life, Christ,come into his soul.
Only the truth has a future.
Truth is the only long-term plan that makes sense.
His name is Jesus.

Maestro Parto visiting Istanbul

exhibition "broken clouds"

exhibition "broken clouds"

exhibition "broken clouds"

exhibition "broken clouds"

Sunday, March 22, 2009

bye bye Budapest!

walking is easy when someone goes before you

Salvation is so final and secure that no believer, once he
has been born again, cannot become more born, more saved.
We have been perfectly and finally accepted in the Beloved,
Jesus, and therefore have no way of making ourselves
more accepted. Ephesians 1:6
This confidence gives us the greatest motivation to serve God.
Even though God calls us his co-workers he is the only one who
really knows how to perform the work.
The practical balance between resting and working has been
the theme for deep theological studies and disputes ever since
Jesus’ sent out His first disciples.
Are we working or resting?
If we fail to recognize the value of our personal relationship
with God we will fail in hearing his call for our lives.
We are not called to work in a religious supermarket.
We are placed in a family.
God is not our boss. He is our caring Father.
God is not training us to become better salesmen for His product.
He is teaching us about Himself.
During His last moments with the disciples on the earth Jesus
didn’t press on them with more intensive training. And we all
agree that they were so undone, so unprepared.
Jesus didn’t add stress to their life, he prepared a breakfast
for them! John 21:12
Salvation leads us to recognize the works that God has prepared,
not for us to perform , but for us to “walk in them”.
Ephesians 2:10
God is looking for walkers not for talkers.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Romans 11:24 ( picture Ismo Haapala)

hand-made in heaven

Some of the Baltimore people were sharing in the service last Sunday.
One man’s comment really ministered to me.
He reminded us how God created everything by His Word, but man
He made by His own hands.
God has a closer connection with man than with anything else in the world.
As I continued to reflect on this theme the Holy Spirit showed me
how much God really cares for each one of us. We are hand-made.
I have always believed that God speaks to us today.
He reveals His character in His Word through our reading and listening.
But God doesn’t only speak to us, He also cares for us beyond the words.
He physically prepares things and circumstances for us.
Think about the disciples who met the risen Savior.
He didn’t only speak to them, He had prepared a breakfast for them.
Isn’t this what Paul means when he speaks about the works
that God has prepared for us “that we should walk in them”. Eph.2:10
The world is full of His works for His people.

Friday, March 13, 2009


GRACE FACE / Asel Supova Szabo

name: Asel Usupova Szabo
church: Greater Grace in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
profession: PR specialist / Bible college student
lately encouraged by: By the visit of Pastor Matti and messages he said, especially that it a perfect place to get to know God when things are not going as we were expecting.
mission vision: To be strengthened in our ministry in Tokmak
special prayer request: For opportunity to go to Eurocon 2009
special thanks to: Samarqand people who came and encouraged us; Pastor Artur, Nailya, Alfiya, Tohir, Amira
special greetings to: To the precious people in our Hungarian church

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


GRACE FACE / Nina Lagutina

name: Nina Lagutina
church: Greater Grace Church in Istanbul
lately encouraged by: Lord is answering my prayers
mission vision: To reach Muslims who have a Russian background, and not only them, but all those whom the Lord leads to me.
special prayer request: Pray form my spiritual and physical strength. For salvation of those whom I share with.
special thanks to: Everyone who is supporting me in their prayers. To Pastor Matti and the team.
special greetings to: Baku church, to everybody
telephone: +905558165607

Monday, March 9, 2009

it's a ministry of joy

joy comes from a greater joy

Certain joy comes only by sharing the Good News with others.
Some believers have never been taught how to do it.
They have a greater tendency to be self-centered and depressed
in their life. There is no joy.
Jesus sent out seventy disciples two by two into
every city where he himself was about to go.(Luke 10:1)
The seventy returned with joy.
They experienced the authority of Jesus’ message.
They got excited about Evangelism.
Jesus redirected their focus a little bit by pointing out that
there is even a greater reason for our joy, the security of
our salvation, “Your names are written in heaven”.
I’m sure that there are moments like that in every believers life,
when the seemingly only reason to rejoice is the fact that
we are saved.
“Though the fig tree may not blossom,
Nor fruit be on the vines; though the labor of the olive may fail,
And the fields yield no food;
Though the flock might be cut off from the fold,
And there be no herd in the stalls-
Yet , I will rejoice in the Lord,
I will joy in the God of my salvation.” Habakkuk 3:17-18
Joy comes by sharing this joy with others.
A soul-winner is a happy person.

Saturday, March 7, 2009



name: Jon Post
church: Greater Grace in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
profession: Pastor and Teacher
lately encouraged by: I was very blessed yesterday to visit a large local family, where the peace and joy of Christ was shining through their songs of praise. When their daughter first received Christ, they rejected and beat her, but through her testimony of Christ’s Love on by one the other members of her extended family were saved.
mission vision: To encourage other men in the church in taking steps of faith and discipleship in their walk with God, and in reaching out to University students.
special prayer request: Our prayer request is for the covering of the believers here in Central Asia as new restrictive laws are being enforced against the churches
special thanks to: My special thanks go Kim Horton and others who introduced met to God’s great grace.
special greetings to: My greetings go to Pr. George and Carol Armen in Croatia

Friday, March 6, 2009

a precautious reader

The Incomparable One

Whatever God does, he does it well.
He is absolutely truthful in everything,
yet very flexible in his dealings with us.
He didn’t “almost” save us.
He doesn’t “sometimes” help us.
He will not one day “almost” come back.
Authoritarian leadership is a misrepresentation of
God’s character because it gives only half-truths
about Him. Grace and truth is an unbeatable combination.
Yet God has no problems letting everyone know that
He is the only God around here.
The more I think about his perfection and his extreme
interest and care for the mankind, the more motivated I
am to know him.
Yes, “I could search for all eternity long and find,
there’s none like him.”
We all are learning to compare ourselves to God
and not to compare God to ourselves.
“I am God and there is no other;
I am God and there is none like me.” Isaiah 46:9

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Monday, March 2, 2009

GRACE FACE / Aida Kutchkarova

name:Aida Kutchkarova
church: Greater Grace Church in Almaty, Kazakstan
profession: Hairdresser
lately encouraged by: by the visit of P.Matti and the team, the joy of it.
God also spoke to me in a dream, face to face.
mission vision: to see a Grace Academy for children in Central Asia
special prayer request: for children in Central Asia and for my brother, Arnold, to be saved
special thanks to:the team that came to Samarkand and started our church there
special greetings to: Hello and love to all my brother and sisters around the world.
I appreciate the life of real missionaries who have chosen to lay down their life for others.

Come to China, young man," and grow up with the country."


We just returned from a long trip to Central-Asia and China.
In the midst of all the political turmoil and financial disasters in this part of the world
these are the most interesting areas for an outreach. Most of the people
whom you meet in these remote corners of the earth have never really heard the Gospel.
In Bishkek we had a three day conference together with our churches from Kyrgyzstan,
Kazakstan and Uzbekistan.It was so amazing to hear the spontaneous choir, made of our people from different churches in Central Asia,singing "the storm is passing over" for God's glory.
In China we have an amazing church with the most humble servants laying down their
lives for this beautiful nation.
Even though the ministry is in the Muslim area of China most of the people who
have come to our fellowship are ethnic chinese.People respond to love and listen
like well taught school children.Their questions are deep.
If you are a young person , graduating this spring from the Bible School, go to China.
We need a team in Urumchi. P.Javid is doing an excellant job. Before committing yourself to a well-paid job or to the holy matrimony, commit yourself to Missions.
Your two years for Missions can easily become the only chance for some people to hear the Gospel.
If you desire to see the work of God in today's world, go to China.
China will not disappoint you!
"How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed?
And how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard?
And how shall they hear without a preacher?" Romans 10:14

poor Roger, has to stay here and work for his return ticket, Liz is fine, of course!

visiting a local artist