Sunday, December 30, 2007

Rebecca has learned to walk!

motives matter

It is shocking to see how man can follow Jesus without loving him.
Isn’t that what religion is all about, serving God out of duty,
giving God that what he requires, nothing more?
In Matt. 7:22 Jesus speaks about people who one day will be
saying to God, “Did we not prophesy in your name, cast out
demons, do many wonders?” The words “I never knew you”
in verse 23 are so strong. They expected God to honor their
labor that looked so right, but was actually just a falsification
of God’s work.
Someone asked me, if it is true that we don’t believe in repentance.
Of course we do. Repentance is very important in a believers
relationship with God. We not only believe in repentance, but we
also believe that our motives to repent should be right.
Often believers “repent” simply because they are tired of their sin;
because they are afraid of punishment. Man is afraid of the
inconvenient consequences of his sin.
This kind of religious repentance
is just an other offer of filthy rags. Is.64:6
God cannot be fooled with our deals.
He is interested in motives, not in our impressive vocabulary.
Does our relationship with God mean anything to us?
The value of this relationship should be the reason for our
repentance. “You desire truth to the uttermost.” Ps.51:6
Our motives matter to God.
Our love for him means something to him.
We cannot change God by anything that we think or do,
but we can influence him. In a way His life would not be the
same without our love.
In our Christian experience we have learned not to ask “why”,
but have we ever heard him ask that from us?
Why do you serve me?
Why do you pray?
Why do you live a sanctified life?
Is it because you love me?
“Why” is God’s question to us.
It leads us to check our motives.
A rich , young ruler in Matt.19 did not fail in outward obedience,
but when it came to the inner motives, his heart was reveled.
Jesus asked him, “Why do you call me good, only God is good?”
He was touching the real issue.” You have a lot of religious zeal and
credits in your life, but are you willing to recognize that I am God?”
He was not.
He went away with his hands full of well organized filthy rags.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Pastor Emil with his son Adil in Kyrgyzstan

from Kyrgyzstan

Dear friends,
I want to say to all those who send newsletters to us from different parts of the world, that it has been such a pleasure for us to hear from you the words of love and encouragement. We are so privileged to be together with you in such a Body as Greater Grace World Outreach and we are so blessed to dive in the waters of the finished work teaching together with you.

I just would like to share with you about what is happening in Kyrgyzstan.

This fall from September has been pretty busy, especially in the Bible College. We are so blessed with ABD classes which we receive from Baltimore and it is always great spiritual nourishment for our group of translators and for the whole Body in Bishkek. Though the process of translation takes much time, it is worth the eternal treasures which we acquire and it gives us great growth in the Word of God. This semester we have translated the classes which were in Baltimore in the Fall 2006 on book of Colossians. We would willingly share these Russian translations with anyone who needs them. You can just send an email with request to us and we will send translations by email to you. Please, pray that God would raise up more translators for our team, especially Kyrgyz translators and also for their growth in the Word of God and translation skills.

In October we moved our Sunday meetings to the new place. It has been a challenge for us to find a good place for Sunday meetings since the last December. Now, by the grace of God, we have a good place with 220 seats and I would like to express many thanks to those who stood in prayer together with us for this need. Please pray that God would fill all these seats. By the way, it has so special location – right near the White House. Please, pray for our government, that many of them would listen to the Gospel and come to Christ.

In November the most momentous event for us was the Conference in Istanbul. The title of the Conference was “East meets West”. This year four guys from Bishkek, including me, could go to the Conference and enjoy spending the time with Pastor Matti and the team there. We heard tremendous messages from Pastor Matti and Pastor Chris Moore. I especially liked the thought heard from Pastor Chris, that we all have a natural circle of influence, where it is expected that we can make a difference. But God makes a difference outside of that circle. Too often, we are centered on ourselves, putting our hopes and expectations upon our flesh. But faith of Jesus Christ which is given to us, gives us strength to put our hope on Him. And then we see great deeds and the ways of the Lord (Ps 103:7).

In early December we started the process of applying for the license for building. We are so thankful to Pastor Edward Canino for his great job with making drafts of the building for us. Now we are working with the local architect who is going to use those drafts for making the project, adjusting it to the local standards, and then apply it to the authorities. It is very long process and can take long time, may be 4 to 6 months. Please, pray for all the details of the project, for wisdom, enough finances etc. We’ve got recently two new telephone lines for our office. Our new telephone numbers (they will be our permanent numbers) are: 996312683259 and 996312683198.
One more very important event, which we are looking forward to seeing here in Bishkek. It is the Winter Conference with Pastor Christian Moore. We are expecting you in the land of Kyrgyzstan on January 15 through 20 for the Winter Conference.
You are always welcome to Kyrgyzstan!!!
We love you all with the love of Christ!
In His precious name,
Pastor Emil Osmonaliev and team in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

with the Christmas guests


baptism today

baptism today

no fear

“There is no fear in love…” I John 4:18
No fear of rejection, because this love makes us eternally secure.
No fear of the future, for nothing can separate us from this love.
No fear of the enemy, for not even a hair will fall from our head
without our Father’s permission.
Jesus spoke about sparrows, the cheapest animals in the sacrifice
market. Not one of them falls to the ground apart from our
Father’s will. Matt.10:29
He is speaking about death.
When a sparrow falls to the ground, it ends it’s last flight.
It’s individual flight schedule is monitored by God.
Fear is a common reason why people don’t come to the church
in Turkey. Constant propaganda in all the mass media against
Christianity and against missionaries doesn’t really make it easier
for people to freely search for the truth.
One way to deal with fear is anonymity.
If nobody knows what you believe, then nobody will mind.
I’m sure there are thousands, if not tens of thousands of believers
here who love and admire Jesus secretly.
Christ obviously doesn’t despise their secret love.
He received Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea who continued
to follow Jesus secretly.
Even though we are strongly encouraged to share our faith publicly,
that should never be considered to be a condition for our salvation.
We are all saved by grace, not by our public testimony. Eph. 2:8
In Rm.10:10 faith leads to confession.
Confession is not the condition that leads to faith.
May the love of God become so real for all those who are afraid,
that all fear would be removed from their hearts.
May our love be stronger than ever in the midst of all fears.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

this is why He came


It’s the season when the poor feel poorer
and the lonely feel lonelier than in any other time.
It’s a time when all the sentiments of the human heart
seem to be participating to the maximum.
The big mysteries of man’s paradoxical existence
attack people with even a greater confusion.
I have been celebrating Christmas for the past twenty
years or so away from my home country, mostly
in areas where Christmas is not really seen in the daily life.
In many of these places I have felt that it is my holy duty
to introduce the old fashioned, undefiled tradition
of Christmas before the craziness of the money-made
Christmas comes in.
In Baku we translated the first ever existing Christmas Carols into
the Azeri language. Our first Christmas musical in Azeri was called
In Samarkand we covered the floor of our meeting place in Manna
with chaff and continued singing Jingle Bells until we had no more
strength nor voice to sing.
This year in Istanbul I finally learned my first Christmas song
in Italian, just for the fun of it. Tu scendi dalle stelle…
This is our celebration.
Happy memories, precious indeed.
We can only imagine what the first Christmas was like.
It was probably not so romantic as it often is pictured.
I’m sure it was much more dramatic than the ever so stable
nativity scene makes up.
It was a real night, real manger, real animals and real obstacles.
This is a good time to remind ourselves together with others
that Jesus is not some never-existed
fairytale figure whom religious people invented as an escape
from reality. We count our years from his birthday!
I wonder how many more will still be counted till we see His face.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Friday, December 21, 2007

seek the Lord while He may be found

“The trouble with trying to fathom the will of God is that
if one thing is God’s will, then everything else that happens
is his will, too.”
This statement disturbed me first as something in me was so
impressed by the agnostic fatalism that it represents.
Bottom line, it looks like an excellent excuse for doing
whatever you want to. In this way nothing is wrong,
because ultimately nothing depends on you.
The statement is based on total ignorance of God’s ability
to redeem. Redemption is an expression of God’s will.
It is God’s way to deal with our failures.
“In him we have redemption through his blood…” Eph.1:7
He can even change our past and if he doesn’t, we are in trouble.
Man has no power to redeem anything
beyond time and space, God does.
The glorious truth is that God is not the only thing that exists
in the universe. We are here and we are distinct from him even
though our final destiny will connect us perfectly with him.
Many things that happen in the world are not the will of God.
Sometimes it looks like most of the things that take place here
are not the will of God. If everything was his will, man would have
no moral responsibility whatsoever. His will would have no character.
It would only be an eternally programmed
rubber stamp that approves all things in a meaningless activity.
Man is responsible.
Once lived and wasted lives cannot be called back.
Soap operas can be replayed over and over again,
man’s real life cannot. Man is responsible for his thoughts,
decisions and behavior.
Most of all man is responsible for his attitude towards the gift
of salvation. It is free of charge and in the same time it is the most
valuable thing man ever could possess.
It is not God’s will that any people would perish, but many will.
This is the reason why truth matters.
He invites us to seek his will, because the truth that sets us free
is the source of all his will.

available for God in Eminonu


Not all the vessels are the same.
“In a great house there not only vessels of gold and silver,
but also of wood and clay…” II Tim.2:20
We all are equal in our dependency on God’s grace,
but we are not equal in our abilities or in our realm of
If we think that all are the same, we end up with some kind of
strange, religious Socialism.
The Bible clearly teaches that some are stronger than others (Rm.15:1);
some are wiser (I Kings 4:31) and some are more spiritual (Gal.6:1).
In these comparatives nobody can take the credit for himself.
It is by grace. Outside of grace man has nothing, absolutely nothing.
In the same time grace can never be a reality without people
responding to it. The only requirement for us to be used by God
is availability.
God is not looking for strong , gifted people. He looks for those
who are available.
When the lame man was miraculously healed in Acts 3,
Peter had no confusion about the source of this healing.
He made it clear that it was not produced by his own
power nor by his godliness. Acts 3:14
He was available.
We are encouraged not to compare ourselves with others.
That is not wise.
And if any of these comparatives or superlatives apply in
my life , it’s for the benefit of all.
The Body of Christ really works much better than we dare to believe.
It’s always encouraging to see that someone is stronger, wiser or
more spiritual than we are. It’s for our best.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sunday, December 16, 2007

awesome team members, Alfiya and Zamira

we shall never die

Man doesn’t want to die. Man wants to live.
When Hannele, our midwife friend from Finland
visited us last spring, she told us about
the prematurely born babies who show an incredible
aspiration for life. These little miracles fight for their
lives with all that is in them.
Every new moment is a victory for them.
The darkest moment in man’s life is when he says,
”I just don’t want to live.”
We were created to live, not to die.
Without hope it’s difficult to live.
Man’s hope is based on God’s promise.
Jesus said to Martha at her brother’s grave:
“He who believes in me shall never die.” John 11:26
This is the promise that strengthens our desire to live
in all circumstances.
So many have been hurt by false promises.
People betray people all the time, all over the place.
It’s a miracle, if man manages to keep his trust in people
during his life-time.
Trusting God is our only chance.
What else do we have?
Tell me, who else promises to care for us through death.
The rich and famous have enough problems for themselves.
They will not be willing nor able to escort us from time to eternity.
With money you can buy a better looking casket for your earthly
body, but you will not be there to enjoy it, no one will.
Jesus shared another true story in Luke 16.
This beggar had lost everything. He was not a prototype of
a good exemplary believer. He was a real basket case.
Nevertheless, he had the same testimony in his heart,” I shall
never die.”
Everything went wrong, but at his death he was crowned with
glory and dignity. That’s us.
What a treasure!
What a victory! Christ in us, the hope of glory. Col.1:27

Friday, December 14, 2007

live or (and) let others live?

Is it really for man to decide?

Has God really left it for man to decide, the future of our
planet? I like these panicking moments in the international
meetings, where seemingly so important leaders of the world
are selfishly all defending their own rights.
I can picture people standing in the rising water and still arguing
and accusing one another.
Global warming is the consequences of sin. It’s the most alarming
cataclysmic result of man’s inability to live right.
Yes, it’s a sinking boat where people are still trying to organize
themselves in order to decide who sits next
to whom at the dinner party.
Should the Evangelical believers get more involved
in saving the planet?
I believe that we have been fully involved since
the giving of the Great Commission.
It’s a global commitment. Matt.28:18-20
With an understanding of the eternal character of man’s life
we have an awesome message to the mankind today.
Don’t be deceived to think that you shall “live on this earth forever”.
It’s a drastic mistake to concentrate on fixing the flower when the root
continues to rotten. The root of these problems is deeper than just
world politics and businesses. It is in man’s spiritual condition.
Unfortunately materialism and practical atheism often hide behind
a nominal Christian facade.
In true Christian message there is no room for selfish, hypocritical
life-style. It’s a message that leads us to forgive
even those who are wrong
and to lay down our life for those who have not deserved it.
We are not fatalistically passive about the global problems.
We want to go deeper.
Without recognizing man’s need for God every participant
of these meetings will face hopeless eternity in less than 50 years.

“All flesh is a grass, and all the glory of man as the flower of the
grass. The grass withers, and it’s flower falls away, but the Word
of the Lord endures forever.” I Pet.1:24-25

“I don’t know what the future holds,
but I know who holds the future.”

Last night Pastor Bob Loghborough went home to be with the Lord in St.Petersburg,Russia

Pastor Bob's last newsletter

Last night our dear friend Pastor Bob Loughborough went home to be with the Lord.
This is his latest newsletter.

Greetings and love from St-Petersburg Russia!
Another year has rolled by and it will soon be 2008.

Many things have happened this year but the climax was reached this month.
We have been wanting to visit our churches in Central Asia, mainly Almaty, Kazakhstan and encourage them. Last month we found some cheap air tickets on sale so off we went for about 2 weeks starting Nov 18.

The day before we were to fly I was so weak I could not leave the home. We prayed and the next day God strengthened me and we boarded the plane. The flight was four hours and as we were preparing to land the weather was so bad that they diverted the plane to Karaganda, about an hour away. I said God I was just barely making it to Almaty and now you sending me to Karaganda.

We landed in Karaganda and we were there about six hours till the weather cleared in Almaty.

Just before we left I realized God sent me there to talk to one man, the head of Heineken beer Co in Almaty. He was open to the gospel and received my words.

We boarded the plane again at about 7 p.m. and landed in Almaty, Kazakhstan where we were met by one Sergee Berezhnov, p. Pamier helper, and he took us by car straight to the church.

We arrived 20 minutes before the church service was to start. We greeted the Pastor of the church, P. Pamier, all his people of whom we already knew most of them. He told me to preach so I preached and we had a rap.

God gave me so many revelations that I literally lived out 2 Cor. 12:7-9. He gave me a thorn in the flesh (this weakness and heart pain I have) least I get proud. Paul said I prayed 3 times it mite depart from me. Jesus said my grace is sufficient for you. My strength is made perfect in your weakness. Paul said there for I most gladly boast in my infirmities that the power of Christ may rest upon me. That’s exactly where I am in my life now and I love it. By day we had lunch and met with many different people and every night we preached in the Bible College or church service.

All this time I was in much weakness and pain but rejoicing with exceeding great joy. The weakness and pain would come and go.

Then on the eighth day at midnight we went to bed and my heart began hurting so my wife Liza gave me a nitroglycerin tablet and the pain stopped temporarily and we laid down to sleep.

Shortly I was awaken by the pain again and it was so severe I thought this is it I’m going to see Jesus. Many thoughts flashed through my mind, finally I woke my wife up and said “Honey, this is it. I’m dying, I am going to see Jesus”. I gave her many last minute instructions. ”Tell p. Pamir to lay his life down for these people here. Tell p. Stevens thank you for laying your life down for many years and founding this ministry and many other things I said. I told her thank you for being the best wife in the world.

Finally I said call the medical people and they came in about 20 minutes. I was thinking they will say he will live about 30 minutes and I was ready to meet Jesus. To my shock and amazement when they tested my blood pressure and gave me an electrocardiogram they said your in perfect health, there is nothing we can do. I thought my God I’m NOT going to see Jesus, my wife will not be single.

This is God’s plan for our lives and I love it. Thank God all my natural strength is gone now I have to depend entirely on God. God’s people are so awesome because we have an awesome God who loves us.

Eph. 3:20 He is able to do abundantly above all we could ask or think.

Thank you so very much for your prayers, love and support, your the best. Our very best to you on this Christmas.

Much love,
p.Bob & Liza

Liza’s email:

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

no hands, Istanbul Contempory Art Fair

hands speak

Men are asked to pray lifting their holy hands without
wrath and doubting. I Thess.2:8
It’s an invitation to surrender daily to God.
This message spoken with our hands is an answer to
God’s call. Wrath, bitterness, judgmental attitude and
unbelief make our hands heavy. They cause our hands to
hang down.
Our hands were first of all created to worship God.
Everything else is secondary compared with that.
Jesus spoke strongly against us submitting to our own flesh.
“If your right hand (your own authority) causes you to sin,
cut it off and cast it from you…” Mt.5:30
Don’t follow your own heart.
It will surely deceive you.
Don’t trust in the strength of your own arm.
Don’t believe your own lies.
Don’t give in to all your desires and needs.
“Do not let your left hand know
what your right hand is doing.” Matt.6:3
Fill your hands with the good seed.
Hands that are full of godly responsibilities will not have
time to point to other people’s failure.
Faith lifts our hands up.
“Let him who stole, steal no longer, but rather let him labor,
working with his hands what is good, that he may have
something to give him who has need.” Eph.4:28

Monday, December 10, 2007

snow and ice don't last long

please, help us , if you can...

Dear Friends,
We are struggling with financial needs.
We humbly ask for your prayers
and encouragement.
Thank you.

I'm gonna let it shine

light to our feet

I like the thought of the Word of God being a lamp to my feet.
Psalm 119:105
So often we expect God to use a big projector that would
shed light on our unknown future .
He thinks that a lamp to our feet is enough for us.
Step by step he leads us.
He has promised to take care of our next step. Psalm 121:3
Think about it. The Light of the world washing the feet of His
disciples in John 13. Satan had tempted him to bow down
before him and that way receive a rich welcome to this world.
Jesus rejected his offer and never bowed before
anybody except his disciples.
He became the Light to their feet.
Fireworks are so beautiful and impressive, but their light doesn’t
last very long. They stir up and inspire , but they are useless in
enlightening our way. We need a spot light that is attached to
our forehead, like miners who often work in difficult conditions
and depend on their light for their important work.
“The darker the night , the brighter the Light shines.
I’m walking with Jesus, the Light of the world.
For He is the Light, in Him is no darkness.
The darker the night, the brighter the light,
when I walk with Him.”

Friday, December 7, 2007

Congratulations Finland for yesterday's Day of Independence, 90 years


the bigger picture

Our greatest victories and blessings are not always waiting
for us after one single decision.
Often they are hundreds of decisions away.
I was encouraged to read about Peter’s series of decisions in Acts 10.
One detail after another finally led him to the house of Cornelius
who also at his end had followed the call of God in details.
I love to think about the plan of God working simultaneously
for zillions of people. We learn to obey him in the details of
our lives and He fits us into His picture.
On my way to Finland I met over one hundred Pilgrims from
Kazakstan who were about to board their plane to Medina.
As I looked at them I knew that God had given another opportunity
to connect with someone who feared God but didn’t know
God the Savior.
I started casually talking with one of the men, Borzhan.
When he heard that I’m a pastor he got extremely interested in
my message. I shared with him about my Savior who has taken
away all my fears and given me an assurance of salvation.
He was so hungry and thirsty for righteousness.
When it was time for them to go to their gate his friend had to
convince him several times that it’s time to leave.
God had answered my prayer.
Please, pray for this man as he is going to be emotionally
very encouraged by his fellow-pilgrims from all over the world.
The conviction of the Holy Spirit can bring him to a personal
relationship with Christ. That miracle is but one decision away.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Liisa and Mambo

the Holy Spirit leads

Our relationship with the Holy Spirit is very interesting.
It determines the power of our testimony in this world.
We can influence him, but we cannot change him.
He is God.
He does not change.
He is omniscient.
There is no new information that we could surprise him with.
We either agree with him or we don’t.
The Holy Spirit is not an influence or a reflection.
He is not just a theological concept.
He is a person.
No believer has more of the Holy Spirit than others.
If they have a greater testimony of him, it’s because they have
less of themselves in the picture.
As Watchman Nee said, “We don’t need a greater power, we
need a deeper death.”
If we dishonor the Word of God in our lives, we grieve
the Holy Spirit. Eph.4:30
If we reject the call of God in our ministry, we quench
The Holy Spirit. I Thess.5:19
If we walk in the Spirit ( Gal.5:16) we will, sooner or later, be led
to a spiritual fellowship and be a part of a local church where
the word of God is honored.
All spiritual gifts that the Holy Spirit bestows to individual believers
are given for the building of the local church.
The universal Body of Christ doesn’t need to be built.
It just needs to be recognized.
Number one strategy of Satan against believers is to separate them
from the fellowship in a local church.
The Holy Spirit faithfully leads us to the church.

Monday, December 3, 2007

as close as possible

little lamb

In Psalm 31:12 David says that he feels like a broken vessel.
He had been deceived. He failed and repented.
Now he was right with God and he felt like a broken vessel,
unable to function, unable to impress.
According to the Word of God, God breaks man.
He kills and makes alive, wounds and heals. Deut.32:39
The passionate picture of a little, fair looking lamb resting on the
shoulders of the Shepherd might not be that romantic after all.
Most probably the reason why the little lamb ended up to this
special place was not his cuteness, but his rebellious behavior.
After running away repeatedly the Shepherd had no other choice,
but to break that lambs little leg. In his gentle chastisement he
cared for the lamb and lifted it up to this shoulders till the
broken bones were healed again.
David was familiar of this place.
In Psalm 51:8 he speaks directly of God breaking his bones.
Do we know what it means to sit on the Shepherd shoulders?
We hear every word that comes from his mouth. Where he goes,
we go. We even hear his heart beat when he cares for the flock.
Shepherds are not slim looking fashion models who exhibit themselves
in the showrooms of this world.
They are strong, hard working gentlemen, who lay their life for those
who have been trusted in their care.
The Lord is our Shepherd…He restores our soul. Ps.23:3

He counts the number of the stars; He calls them all by name, Psalm 147:4

heavenly minded

If we learn to focus on the things above, nothing in this
world can discourage us.
The word “mind” in Col.3:2 means more than just thoughts.
It includes our whole being. We are encouraged to let heaven
direct our affections and will, too.
In order to be “earthly good” one needs to be heavenly minded.
Heaven is not just an alternative for us. It is the only reasonable
purpose and goal for man’s life.
John Lennon, in his rebellion, encouraged people to imagine that
there is no heaven. What a wasted philosophy.
It’s like a high tech engineer who would be acting like an ameba.
Earthly goodness is often just a heap of dirt covering man’s
self-given trophies.
Hyper-spirituality has nothing to do with true spirituality.
A hyper-spiritual man tries to reach God’s standard by his own efforts.
Any success in doing this will lead him to self-righteousness,
comparison and judgmental attitude.
A heavenly minded person cannot be overly occupied with his
environment and circumstances. He knows better.
He will not let the psychological demands of his own soul
dictate his priorities. He has seen something bigger.
His connection with heaven makes his life on this earth exciting.
Heaven is too big of a word to be included in the rhetoric of today’s
global politicians. Praise God, it is still spoken of in the churches.
The moment when man loses his sight of heaven he loses his hope
and with it - everything.