Friday, December 21, 2007


Not all the vessels are the same.
“In a great house there not only vessels of gold and silver,
but also of wood and clay…” II Tim.2:20
We all are equal in our dependency on God’s grace,
but we are not equal in our abilities or in our realm of
If we think that all are the same, we end up with some kind of
strange, religious Socialism.
The Bible clearly teaches that some are stronger than others (Rm.15:1);
some are wiser (I Kings 4:31) and some are more spiritual (Gal.6:1).
In these comparatives nobody can take the credit for himself.
It is by grace. Outside of grace man has nothing, absolutely nothing.
In the same time grace can never be a reality without people
responding to it. The only requirement for us to be used by God
is availability.
God is not looking for strong , gifted people. He looks for those
who are available.
When the lame man was miraculously healed in Acts 3,
Peter had no confusion about the source of this healing.
He made it clear that it was not produced by his own
power nor by his godliness. Acts 3:14
He was available.
We are encouraged not to compare ourselves with others.
That is not wise.
And if any of these comparatives or superlatives apply in
my life , it’s for the benefit of all.
The Body of Christ really works much better than we dare to believe.
It’s always encouraging to see that someone is stronger, wiser or
more spiritual than we are. It’s for our best.

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