Thursday, December 27, 2007

no fear

“There is no fear in love…” I John 4:18
No fear of rejection, because this love makes us eternally secure.
No fear of the future, for nothing can separate us from this love.
No fear of the enemy, for not even a hair will fall from our head
without our Father’s permission.
Jesus spoke about sparrows, the cheapest animals in the sacrifice
market. Not one of them falls to the ground apart from our
Father’s will. Matt.10:29
He is speaking about death.
When a sparrow falls to the ground, it ends it’s last flight.
It’s individual flight schedule is monitored by God.
Fear is a common reason why people don’t come to the church
in Turkey. Constant propaganda in all the mass media against
Christianity and against missionaries doesn’t really make it easier
for people to freely search for the truth.
One way to deal with fear is anonymity.
If nobody knows what you believe, then nobody will mind.
I’m sure there are thousands, if not tens of thousands of believers
here who love and admire Jesus secretly.
Christ obviously doesn’t despise their secret love.
He received Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea who continued
to follow Jesus secretly.
Even though we are strongly encouraged to share our faith publicly,
that should never be considered to be a condition for our salvation.
We are all saved by grace, not by our public testimony. Eph. 2:8
In Rm.10:10 faith leads to confession.
Confession is not the condition that leads to faith.
May the love of God become so real for all those who are afraid,
that all fear would be removed from their hearts.
May our love be stronger than ever in the midst of all fears.

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