Friday, December 21, 2007

seek the Lord while He may be found

“The trouble with trying to fathom the will of God is that
if one thing is God’s will, then everything else that happens
is his will, too.”
This statement disturbed me first as something in me was so
impressed by the agnostic fatalism that it represents.
Bottom line, it looks like an excellent excuse for doing
whatever you want to. In this way nothing is wrong,
because ultimately nothing depends on you.
The statement is based on total ignorance of God’s ability
to redeem. Redemption is an expression of God’s will.
It is God’s way to deal with our failures.
“In him we have redemption through his blood…” Eph.1:7
He can even change our past and if he doesn’t, we are in trouble.
Man has no power to redeem anything
beyond time and space, God does.
The glorious truth is that God is not the only thing that exists
in the universe. We are here and we are distinct from him even
though our final destiny will connect us perfectly with him.
Many things that happen in the world are not the will of God.
Sometimes it looks like most of the things that take place here
are not the will of God. If everything was his will, man would have
no moral responsibility whatsoever. His will would have no character.
It would only be an eternally programmed
rubber stamp that approves all things in a meaningless activity.
Man is responsible.
Once lived and wasted lives cannot be called back.
Soap operas can be replayed over and over again,
man’s real life cannot. Man is responsible for his thoughts,
decisions and behavior.
Most of all man is responsible for his attitude towards the gift
of salvation. It is free of charge and in the same time it is the most
valuable thing man ever could possess.
It is not God’s will that any people would perish, but many will.
This is the reason why truth matters.
He invites us to seek his will, because the truth that sets us free
is the source of all his will.

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