Thursday, December 27, 2007

from Kyrgyzstan

Dear friends,
I want to say to all those who send newsletters to us from different parts of the world, that it has been such a pleasure for us to hear from you the words of love and encouragement. We are so privileged to be together with you in such a Body as Greater Grace World Outreach and we are so blessed to dive in the waters of the finished work teaching together with you.

I just would like to share with you about what is happening in Kyrgyzstan.

This fall from September has been pretty busy, especially in the Bible College. We are so blessed with ABD classes which we receive from Baltimore and it is always great spiritual nourishment for our group of translators and for the whole Body in Bishkek. Though the process of translation takes much time, it is worth the eternal treasures which we acquire and it gives us great growth in the Word of God. This semester we have translated the classes which were in Baltimore in the Fall 2006 on book of Colossians. We would willingly share these Russian translations with anyone who needs them. You can just send an email with request to us and we will send translations by email to you. Please, pray that God would raise up more translators for our team, especially Kyrgyz translators and also for their growth in the Word of God and translation skills.

In October we moved our Sunday meetings to the new place. It has been a challenge for us to find a good place for Sunday meetings since the last December. Now, by the grace of God, we have a good place with 220 seats and I would like to express many thanks to those who stood in prayer together with us for this need. Please pray that God would fill all these seats. By the way, it has so special location – right near the White House. Please, pray for our government, that many of them would listen to the Gospel and come to Christ.

In November the most momentous event for us was the Conference in Istanbul. The title of the Conference was “East meets West”. This year four guys from Bishkek, including me, could go to the Conference and enjoy spending the time with Pastor Matti and the team there. We heard tremendous messages from Pastor Matti and Pastor Chris Moore. I especially liked the thought heard from Pastor Chris, that we all have a natural circle of influence, where it is expected that we can make a difference. But God makes a difference outside of that circle. Too often, we are centered on ourselves, putting our hopes and expectations upon our flesh. But faith of Jesus Christ which is given to us, gives us strength to put our hope on Him. And then we see great deeds and the ways of the Lord (Ps 103:7).

In early December we started the process of applying for the license for building. We are so thankful to Pastor Edward Canino for his great job with making drafts of the building for us. Now we are working with the local architect who is going to use those drafts for making the project, adjusting it to the local standards, and then apply it to the authorities. It is very long process and can take long time, may be 4 to 6 months. Please, pray for all the details of the project, for wisdom, enough finances etc. We’ve got recently two new telephone lines for our office. Our new telephone numbers (they will be our permanent numbers) are: 996312683259 and 996312683198.
One more very important event, which we are looking forward to seeing here in Bishkek. It is the Winter Conference with Pastor Christian Moore. We are expecting you in the land of Kyrgyzstan on January 15 through 20 for the Winter Conference.
You are always welcome to Kyrgyzstan!!!
We love you all with the love of Christ!
In His precious name,
Pastor Emil Osmonaliev and team in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

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