Friday, February 23, 2007


Man cannot force or manipulate the work of God.
Even though it seems like God has chosen to depend
on man for the accomplishment of his plan.
If man fails, God’s plan fails.
Isn’t every person who ends up eternally in hell
considered to be a failure to God?
However we try to understand this, we have to agree
that there can be no failure with God.
This is one of the distinctive conditions for him
being God Almighty.
Man’s subjectivity, limited by time, is one of his
greatest hindrances in making the right judgment
about God.
Even hell, in all it’s endless pain, is justified and
in perfect harmony with God’s character.
God, in all his humility, does whatever he wants
and he only can want that what is perfectly right.
We cannot force him. We are called to be available.
Romans 14:16
Even prayer should not be understood as a way to
influence God. It’s a way to seek to be available to him.
Availability means readiness to be used by God in any
capacity. We are sometimes willing to believe that
God can move even mountains. Can he move us?
Many people in the Bible were first not available,
but God made them available. (Moses, Jonah…)
Maybe there is something going on in your life,
that you don’t quite understand. Could it be God
making you to be available for him?
Faith means an expectation from God.
This active waiting from God means to be available
to all that he has prepared for us. Psalm 62:5

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