Tuesday, February 27, 2007

dynamic faith

God is not stagnated but dynamic, yet never changing.
That means that all his goals and pleasures are in himself.
He doesn’t look for other sources of inspiration.
“That God may be all in all…” I Cor. 15:28
He has no needs , no surprises and no disappointments.
Yet, he is “ abounding in goodness and truth “.Ex.34:6
He has made us for his pleasure and it’s obvious that his
personal relationship with each one of us matters to him
very much. He is not just God in general, but one who has time
to number the very hairs of our head. Matthew 10:30
This is not wishful thinking. This is love.
Jesus told that God continues to work. John 5:17
What is God doing today?
He said in John 6: 29, “This is the work of God , that
You believe in Him whom He sent.”
Faith is God’s activity today.
Everything works by faith.
Even the smallest detail in our life depends on faith.
Outside of faith we look ugly and dangerous.
Even though God doesn’t need man’s help in anything,
He has chosen to “depend” on man’s faith decisions
and prayers. II Cron.7:12
This makes our faith dynamic and interesting.

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