Tuesday, February 20, 2007

it works

God has given us a great vision, a concept that works.
But it works only with workers.
If it stays in our note-books, the world will never know.
If the diplomas of our Bible College graduates continue
collecting dust in their book shelves, we have missed something.
Have we thrown in the towel?
Last Sunday a group of Turkish journalists arrived in
Brussels by the invitation of the European Union to a
seminar called “Making sense of the EU.”
They were not impressed by the empty, lifeless city.
They looked at one another and asked: where are the people?
We would like to respond to that by saying that
all people are in churches. It’s Sunday.Hmmm...
The group of journalists had hard time finding people
in other days as well. Coming from Turkey that is full
of people, Europe, for them, looked like empty, ancient ruins.
We are strange Europeans. We like to be in the church
every day. It’s not because we have nothing else to do.
It’s not because we are unemployed or lazy.
We are in the church daily because we love God and he has
prepared a lot of work for us. Phil.2:13
I don’t see any other model for living Christianity.
Jesus continues being our daily bread.

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