Wednesday, February 21, 2007

so many lies about God

There’s a popular Turkish song that says, “Lies, everything
except death is a lie in this world.”
It’s a very sad song, but it’s a lie.
The truth is present today in the world and He can be known.
What a joy! What a great message!
Christ came to this world to save sinners.
This truth stands forever.
Most of the lies in the world are against God and his true
identity. One of them is to say that God is never happy
with us. Whatever you do, you cannot please him.
A person who has believed this lie lives a very depressive
life. There is no joy in his heart, just a constant remembrance
of his failure to please God.
John points out in I John 3:20 that God is bigger than our
own heart and he knows all things.
God is not an unhappy , always complaining, old man with
a wrinkled face and heart.
He is on our side.
He is totally satisfied with the work of Jesus on the cross.
He is pleased with us when we simply trust him in faith. Heb.11:6

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