Thursday, March 29, 2007

the chosen people

It would be so wrong not to ever mention Israel
and the Jewish people when speaking about the Bible.
They truly are the apple of his eye. Deut.32:10
Even though we understand it very clearly that a person’s
Jewishness doesn’t guarantee him automatically
a place in heaven, we have to recognize that God has
chosen this nation to be his people for his own eternal
As Bible believing Christians we don’t have to agree with
everything that the Israeli politicians teach and believe,
but we know from the Word of God that God has not
abandoned the jewish nation. Rm.11:1
Their territory has been clearly defined and promised to
them by God himself. Gen.15:18-21
God raised them up to proclaim the message of One God
in a time when all nations where collecting themselves as
many gods as they possibly had imagination for. Deut.6:4
God promised a blessing for them and through them. Gen.12:1-3
The Scriptures were given to them and through them. Rm.3:1-2
All prophets were Jewish. Lk.16:29
Jesus never tried to deny the fact that he was Jewish. Mt.1:1, Is.7:4
All apostles were Jewish.
This is the only nation in the Bible that is promised a full
restoration and a national turning to Christ in the future.Rm.11:26
In Christ Jesus there is no difference between a Jew and a gentile.
All are equally lost and in need of salvation . Gal.3:28
We don’t consider any nationality more important than others,
but we have to recognize the amazing testimony that the Jewish
nation had and continues to have in the plan of God. Deut.31:6

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