Monday, March 26, 2007

go on

A glass of juice fell down on the table and all the sudden
an overwhelming guilt flooded my soul.
Was it me, who caused this shame, this never before happened
Now the waiter has to work more and humble himself to this
unpleasant job of cleaning the table and all it’s surroundings,
all because of my carelessness.
I’m paralyzed by guilt and so ashamed of myself.
But, I have to decide.
Should I really let my mind be occupied with all the endless
heaps of broken glasses that are waiting for me in the future,
and look for a way to disappear under the table?
Why should a creature like me have any right to continue
harming himself and the rest of the world?
Should I really respond to the temptation to promise to never
again ever buy any juice in any restaurant anywhere?
My dilemma doesn’t last long.
I order another glass of juice and enjoy the new opportunities
that life so generously continues to offer.
The waiter decides not to include the fallen glass in my bill.
We are with him on the same page.
We have chosen to
”forget those things which are behind
and reach forward to those things which are ahead…” Phil.4:13

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