Monday, March 26, 2007

the real thing

The Ephraimites were a proud tribe.
Jephthah, whom God had chosen to deliver
God’s people, had approached them for help,
but they arrogantly rejected him.
They expressed a common tendency to not
want to do a job unless they receive credit.
In Judges they got offended with Jephthah,
who just did what God had called him to do.
They were chronic complainers.
They had a chance to be bold in their faith,
but they didn’t. Then they complained
that they were not recognized.
To make their selfishness even more obvious,
they used a cheap way of trying to establish
their authority. They threatened the Gileadites.
They were used to play tricky games for their
own benefit.
This time their talented speaking could not get
them out of trouble. They were wrong and
Jephthah was right.
In Judges 12 their origin and the intentions of
their heart is revealed. They were put to a simple
test. They were asked to say the word Shibboleth.
Carelessly they would respond, not understanding
that this was the question of life and death.
They said,” Sibboleth”, and so showed their real face.
Their truth was almost true, but it wasn’t true enough
for God.
That day forty-two thousand of them were killed.
Judges 12:1-7
I John 4:1-6

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