Thursday, March 22, 2007

will problem

Someone wrote a long article about the difference between
propaganda and product placement.
They tried to prove that the latter is less evil than propaganda.
I think that the difference is just semantics, as both of them are
based on artificial exaggeration of man’s needs and their
fulfillment. Most of these needs are created by the means of
product placement.
If we didn’t see those things, continuously, we would not know
to want them.
Can Evangelism be called propaganda?
Isn’t our goal the same, trying to cause people to behave in
a certain way?
Unfortunately our methods of Evangelism sometimes become
propaganda and nothing more than propaganda.
However, I think that the greatest problem in churches today
is not their too aggressive way of evangelizing, but the total
absence of Evangelism.
Yes, true Evangelism has the element of compelling with it,
not just mere information about salvation. Lk.14:23
This desire to make our message more attractive by decorating
it by all means of modern propaganda sometimes ends up hiding
the original message.
I think we just have to learn to trust in the power of the message
itself and not be overly concerned of the abilities or inabilities of
the messenger to communicate the message.
You can have the best circumstances, best speaker, best timing
and still turn down the free gift for one simple reason: you
don’t want it.
After all it’s usually not an understanding problem.
It’s a will problem.
“If anyone wills to do His will, he shall know concerning
the doctrine, whether it is from God…” John 7:17

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