Wednesday, June 27, 2007

greater truth

During the past two years I have been thinking a lot about truth.
For many this is a forgotten question. Who cares about the truth anyways?
Miroslav Volf in his interesting book, called ”The End of Memory”, is
asking , how can we remember right in a world where everything,
including us, is so wrong?
Remembering right is one of the two elements of truth.
Voluntary forgetting is the other element.
Truth goes beyond the facts. For the truth’s sake something has to be
forgotten. Volf is right, we don’t really know what to forget and what
to remember. It’s very possible and even probable that we forget the wrong things.
We comfort ourselves in that what God has said. He has chosen to forget about
our sin. Jer.31:34
Otherwise heaven would be a place of embarrassment.
One of the best definitions in the Bible for the truth is in Phil.3:13
“But one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind and
reaching forward to those things which are ahead.”
I can loose my memory, even my mind, but I cannot loose Jesus.
The truth is bigger than our world.
Jesus Christ is the truth. All facts compared with him will loose their
authority. The work of Christ made it possible for God to forget.
When his hands were pierced on the cross, we were inscribed in the
palm of his hands forever. Is. 49:16
That will be always remembered in heaven.
Remembering right in the wrong world is possible only in the Holy Spirit.
Yes, we are guilty, but the greater truth tells us that Christ bore our guilt.
Christ is the greater truth.

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