Monday, June 25, 2007

thinking with God

Some people don’t think that there is a big difference
between men and animals. Man is smart enough to be deceived
to call this evolution. It’s a theory that claims to come from
sincere reasoning and observation when it actually has it’s
origin in aggressive unbelief.
Sometimes it’s easy to believe that there is almost no difference
between men and animals, because many people act like animals.
People can successfully argue that animals think , but I have never
heard of anyone who can convince me that animals think about thinking.
The moral responsibility of animals is different from men.
We don’t blame animals for pollution, bad politics or selfish actions.
It’s very easy for a man to fall to the level of animals in his thinking.
Carnality means that a man who could think like God, thinks like
an animal.
A young man in the time of temptation is compared with an ox
in Proverbs 7:22 He gave up his thinking and went like an ox to be
slaughtered in a harlot’s house.
Thinking with God is the theme for this year’s convention.
That’s what faith is, thinking with God.
Without the Holy Spirit our thinking is deceitful, negative and unbelieving.
We might have the best information and technology in the world and still
behave like animals. The rich man in Luke 16 had become even worse than
an animal . The dogs that licked Lazarus’ sores had more compassion on
this poor man than his fellow human who had been deceived by his riches.
Animals have no grace in their relationships.
In order to think with grace you have to be created in the image of God.

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