Tuesday, August 14, 2007

fill the earth with His glory !

I always thought that it is not normal to wear a T-shirt that has a text that
you don’t understand.
Then someone came up with this idea of having a “I’m not normal”
This has become very popular in Istanbul.
What is normality?
It’s usually considered to be something that is not unusual or surprising
in any way. Normal people are a part of the unnoticed, acceptable mass.
You never read about normal people in the newspapers.
A Finnish author , Mika Waltari, said, “Good people have but one problem,
they are boring.”
Yesterday evening we were surprised on the walking street.
All the sudden we heard someone sing “What can wash away my sin,
nothing but the blood of Jesus.”
A shining group of young believers from Ireland were worshipping
Jesus openly, boldly, right in the heart of Istanbul.
People loved it.
They were surrounded by a lot of people who were drawn to this
sudden outburst of life.
As I was standing there, watching them worship the living Savior, I said
to myself, “This is normal. From heaven’s point of view, this is something
that the whole mankind should be doing.”
“Let the whole earth be filled with His glory.” Psalm 72:19

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