Monday, August 6, 2007


Worship without meditation easily ends up with just a lot a psychic
noise in our soul. It’s like believing in something that you never define.
Believing in itself has no meaning.
Worship without content has no direction.
Even though people feel strongly that they are on their own, they actually
are a part of a program that is designed to distract them from God.
The Holy Spirit has power to break that flow of thoughts.
Richard Baxter said that meditation turns the truth received and remembered
into strong will power, genuine emotions and holy living.
If I find no time to daily meditate on the thoughts of God, I’m deceived.
All other , so called important things, have to wait, till I’ve been to the throne
room of heaven.
An easy way to start training ourselves in mediation is to start with simple
words such as grace, forgiveness, joy etc. With the help of one word like these
you invite the Holy Spirit to bring to your remembrance a lot of truth about
God’s character and his purposes. The Holy Spirit doesn’t lead your mind to
wonder. He leads with one truth to connect with another in God’s healing
order. The Bible, silent surroundings, pen and paper are the best tools for
successful meditation.
“Let the Word of God dwell in you richly…” Col.3:16
He wants His word to dwell in us, not just to visit.
Kenneth Wuest comments on the word "dwell” in Ephesians 3:17
to mean, that Christ would live in us and
feel perfectly at home in our soul.

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