Friday, August 3, 2007


God compares his plan for his people with the refining of silver.
The heat must go up in order for all the dirt to be forced to the surface.
The refiner is looking for his own picture on the face of the refined silver.
The Bible uses the same word for the trials that God uses in our lives in
order to bring out the best of us and for the temptations that Satan uses
to distract from our fellowship with God.
Satan knows that he cannot get our souls back, but he glories in those moments
when causes us to believe and even to worship him.
He knows that his glory is bound to this world. In hell he will not be ruling.
It is his place of punishment.
God’s help for believers is a total protection in all the times of temptations.
I Cor.10:13
There is a way of escape for us before , after and during the temptations.
Often we hear about God giving us a godly alternative when we face
temptations. His help reaches even further.
Even if we fail and seemingly were unable to resist temptation, God
has a perfect way of escape. God is the kind of ruler who demands his debt
to be paid; then pays it himself and accepts his own payment, all because
of his great love for us.
Shame on him who misuses God’s goodness and says in his heart,
there’s a loophole for sin in his plan.
Every temptation is an attack against another blessing that God had prepared
for us. It’s a bad alternative for a Spirit-filled life.

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