Sunday, February 24, 2008

following and being followed

“If anyone serves Me, let him follow me.” John 12:26
It is actually possible to serve God and still not
follow him. Judas was an active member of Jesus’
community , but in the time of trouble he all the sudden
turned out to be with the wrong crowd.
He served Jesus, but did not follow him.
He didn’t let Jesus into his personal life.
He “served” Jesus, but did not agree with him.
This is very possible especially with those who are fulltime
workers in the Christian community.
Sometimes working more is a disguised attempt to obey less.
God has no needs that we could satisfy,
but He has an amazing character that he wants us to know.
Did Jesus need Judas to take care of his money?
Of course not, but that was another opportunity given to
Judas to be near Jesus.
He seemingly loved more the money than to be with
the sinless friend who loved him unconditionally.
Following is all about influence.
Everyone follows somebody and everybody is
followed by somebody.
In order to be a good follower you have to keep your
vision clear; you have to trust the one you are following and
you have to guard yourself from distractions.
What happens when you stop following?
The blind behind you will be led astray in your footsteps.
The young, the weak, the newborn will all
be influenced by your distraction.
You follow, not only for your own sake, but for the
hundreds, maybe even thousands who come behind you.

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