Thursday, February 21, 2008

let's talk

When a person never meets with other people he can easily
deceive himself to think that he has no relationships.
He actually has a lot of bad relationships.
When you are with others in the same boat you are a part of
their life, speaking or non-speaking. Storms make the boat
shake and the more the boat swings around the more
difficult it will to avoid one another.
Problems that come up in relationships are a good beginning
for their solutions. Haven’t we all known some people over
ten years and still never had a conversation with them.
It’s time to talk.
After our first conversation with them we are sometimes
shocked to find out how wrong perception we had of them.
Jesus said to Philip: “Have I been with you so long, and yet
you have not known me, Philip?” John 14:9
I think that Philip’s problem was not only theological.
Jesus invites him to a closer fellowship.
This happens everywhere.
We are with one another, yet we don’t know one another
at all. Throwing religious phrases to people’s direction
doesn’t minister to anyone. Sometimes they just provide
a semantic noise, but no meaningful connection.
Freedom to talk means a responsibility to listen.
Often silence is more superficial that speaking.
God gave us words. Let’s learn them.
Let’s pass them on.

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