Tuesday, April 29, 2008

don't cry about it

We all can take so much more.
Whenever we experience disappointments, resistance
and pain, we are actually strengthened for even greater
attacks. Resistance is one of the best tools for exercise.
Instead of complaining about our problems we should
plan on getting the best out of them.
The old saying “no pain, no gain” is meant to encourage
people to try harder. It has even a deeper truth to it.
Easy victories don’t taste good for a long time.
In God’s plan problems smell the same as promises.
Jesus spoke about poverty, hunger and weeping as
a blessing in our life in Luke 6:20-21.
Without the future promises, these trials would look like
a punishment. With eternity attached to them they
turn into fantastic opportunities.
Let’s not complain and cry about the sinfulness around us.
Let’s throw more salt into the wounds of the world.
Healing comes with pain.
Victories come after battles.

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