Monday, April 21, 2008

God cannot

It’s so comforting to know that we cannot change God.
This is the foundation for our security.
God cannot lie.
He cannot go against his own character.
God cannot contradict himself.
He cannot compromise nor ignore anything.
He cannot stop existing.
Jesus was very straight forward with Peter when he tried
to stop him from going to Jerusalem. He could not but go.
Quitting at this time would go against his character.
Other disciples were checking Jesus’ connections by
applying for a position through their mother in Matthew 20.
Jesus points out that he has chosen not to work that way.
The same happened in Luke 9 when they proposed to ask
for the fire to come down and consume those who didn’t
accept him. He told them that they were off. He came to save,
not to destroy.
In Matthew 26:39 Jesus , still learning things in his humanity,
asked the Father if there would be a way to avoid the sufferings.
I’m sure that if it would have been possible to provide salvation
in any other way God would have done it.
His character could not agree with anything less.
It seems clear to me that God cannot do certain things not
despite of who he is, but because of who he is.
God is not interested in forcing us to love, obey or worship him.
He is not that way.
He is so much better than what we ever even dreamed him to be.
We were created in his image.

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