Wednesday, April 9, 2008

it's grace

People are so funny with people.
We are, I am.
It’s obvious that God is very much involved in leading us all.
When we become selective and exclusive
in our relationships, God sends us those who challenge our
subjective worlds. True spirituality cannot flourish in a remote
place, separated from the world. It is manifested when people
meet people. Iron sharpens iron with God’s permission. Pr.27:17
People are not what they are supposed to be.
That’s what grace is all about.
On the other hand it’s very comforting to know that no one
is without sin. We all have a continuing need to be
forgiven. It’s not a sign of failure. It’s a sign of strength.
We need grace again and again.
If we continue receiving grace from others, we will grow in
our own ability to minister grace to those around us.
A spiritually minded person doesn’t rejoice in other man’s
failures. He knows the weaknesses of his own heart and his
continuing dependency on God’s grace.
Only grace can bring true security to people’s relationships.
If I reject grace, I will become very small in my soul.
My world shrinks and my relationships stagnate.
Grace leads me out of my false security zones to the shores
of the Red Sea where I have to trust that God will divide
the waters.
His grace still amazes me.

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