Friday, April 18, 2008

led by the Spirit

What an exciting thought, to be supernaturally led by God!
Paul makes a difference between living in the Spirit and
walking in the Spirit in Galatians 5:25.
To have the Holy Spirit indwell us doesn’t yet guarantee
that we live a life that agrees with him. He wants to initiate
God’s character to our will. He doesn’t want to overpower
our will , but direct it to be in the light.
The disciples were with Jesus daily, but they had to learn
to trust him in order to be led by him.
In Luke 22 Jesus asks them to go and prepare a Passover
supper for them. They follow his incredible instructions and
“found it just as he had said to them”. Luke 22:13
In Acts 8 Philip hears God’s specific directions and ends up
meeting with a man whom God had prepared to respond
positively to the call of salvation.
In Acts 10 God prepares an unsaved, but God-fearing, Cornelius
to meet with Peter.
In Acts 16 they meet with Lydia in a place of prayer.
We have witnessed this supernatural work of God around
the world. In heaven we will continue sharing these
testimonies of people being led to people.
Any born-again believer , being in the right place in the right
time, can change the eternal destiny of an entire nation.

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