Monday, May 26, 2008

birds are not airplanes

It is good that Adam gave names to all the animals before his fall.
After the fall he started messing things up, calling things
by wrong names.
He started calling god that what is not god.
He called love that what is not love at all, marriage what is not
marriage, blessing what is not a blessing at all.
“Why do you spend money for what is not bread?” Is.55:2
We could go on with this list of the absurdities of the fallen man.
Giving names is a God given ability to man.
Man gives names, not numbers.
Numbers tell how many, names tell what kind.
Words bring a difference.
Living Christianity doesn’t mean just learning the vocabulary.
It’s all about the Word of Truth connecting with man’s life.
Jesus read from the book of Isaiah and all were amazed of
the gracious words that proceeded out of his mouth. Luke 4:22
Had they never read Isaiah before?
Yes, but for the first time they saw these words fit perfectly
in a man’s life.
From a distance all airplanes look like birds.
A closer look shows the critical difference between an airplane
and a bird.
The closer we get the more defined our words become.
This is a great need in every believer’s life, to grow from
generalities to specifics.
His name is wonderful, but just like a song says, he is even
more than amazing.
The closer we get , the more we agree with that.

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