Thursday, May 22, 2008

commitments are beautiful

Commitments are beautiful.
They connect man’s value with God’s eternal purposes.
Sometimes people are afraid of commitments because they
overly protect their lives from potential failures and
disappointments. A person who hasn’t accepted any
commitments, besides the ones to himself, lives a very poor
life. All selfishness leads to the worst kind of poverty.
If you are not connected to any other person with anything
that depends on you, you miss a lot in life.
A commitment to a local church is an excellent
opportunity to pursue the call of God for our lives.
The church doesn’t need just helpers, but committed people,
who stick to it.
A church where nobody wants to take any responsibility
is a dying church.
May we have the spirit of Nehemiah, who built the wall of
Jerusalem amid a lot of trials and opposition.
He had heard from God and it caused him to say:
“Should such a man as I flee?” Nehemiah 6:11

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