Friday, May 23, 2008

emptiness is not an option

“No, this is not empty. This all is full of purpose.”
I had to repeat this over and over again to a friend
whose ten years old son had just tried to commit a
suicide, whose wife was nagging endlessly and
whose salary is always fully used before he even
has worked for it.
He was strongly tempted to give up, let everything go.
Giving up looks like the only way out, when it
actually is not a way out at all.
It’s a lie about God’s inability to help us.
It’s a mockery against God’s revelation to man.
God speaks today.
He speaks light to our darkness.
He speaks purpose to our emptiness.
He does not depend on microphones nor internet
connections, and he is not hindered by traffic jams
and pollutions.
He can meet the least educated
non- attractive person and impart his glory to him.
This is what the church is.
It’s a collection of useless broken items found in
the compost of the world, bought for a price and
made to be the greatest instruments to manifest
God’s glory on this earth. Eph. 3:10

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