Monday, May 5, 2008


It seems like love is a decreasing resource in the world.
In Matthew 24:12 we read that the love of many will grow
cold in the end times. This is the result of lawlessness.
Love cannot exist without definition, without borders.
There’s no true love without sacrificial giving.
We live in a selfish world today. It’s a no-name culture.
People have more and more opportunities to influence
the world anonymously. Blowing up the world is no more
the privilege of the chosen few. Anyone can do it.
In Luke 7 a group of men got together to eat.
The host, Simon, had an agenda for the night.
Everything was changed by a weeping woman.
She interrupted the religious theater and recognized the
person of Jesus.
Why didn’t Simon have tears?
Why didn’t he wash Jesus’ feet, even with water?
It looks like Simon was one of those “nothing touches me”
persons. He had a lot of money and influence, but he
had no tears. What was the main difference between Simon
and this weeping woman?
She recognized her failure, he did not.
Emotional tears is one unique difference between men
and animals. Real men cry, animals don’t.
We cannot afford to loose the tears of compassion.
Jesus wept over Jerusalem (Luke 19:41).
He wept when he heard that Lazarus had died (John 11:35)
Out of all people he could have approached all these
situations rationally without any emotional reaction.
I’m comforted to know that my Savior has tears.

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