Tuesday, May 20, 2008

this world will pass away

Sure, it's sometimes hard to be a believer
in this unbelieving world.
But, it's much more difficult to be an unbeliever.
Think about it.
Besides all your fears, insecurities and failures you
also have the unending love of God that is so
difficult to escape, avoid and to get rid of.
Jesus promised that we will have tribulation in this world.
He guaranteed a daily conflict. John 16:33
He didn't promise that believers in him would prosper,
success and become popular.
He encouraged us to rejoice when we see that we are loosing
our life. Matthew 16:25
What a scary thought , to be in this world, in these situations,
without God, without his grace.
It's biblical when a believer doesn't feel himself comfortable
in the world.
Immovable faith is based on recognizing the work of God.
Yes, God can save us out of trouble, but if he doesn't
we still continue trusting him. Daniel 3:16-18
His grace is better than life. Psalm 63:3

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