Monday, June 2, 2008

His voice

Peter had followed Jesus too long to turn back.
He knew too much to be just an ignorant fisherman.
He had seen too much to close his eyes again.
When Jesus reminded him of his full freedom
to go and do something else, he responded,
“To whom shall I go? You have the Words of
eternal life.” John 6:68
Yes, there are zillions of things to do in the world,
but why to “spend money for what is not bread”
Limited options are a blessing.
Narrow places are good challenges for precise
thinking. Dark tunnels are excellent opportunities
to learn concentration.
If you are looking for a reason to thank God today,
thank him for not giving you more money.
The more money you have the more you have
to guard yourself from it’s influence.
It will give you more excuses not to wait for His
“still small voice.” I Kings 19:12
We cannot afford to miss His voice.

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