Tuesday, November 25, 2008

bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things

The description of God’s love in I Corinthians 13
sounds too incredible. Practically speaking most of believers
would have a hard time with going all the way with it.
It doesn’t say, “Love covers some things”, it actually says it
covers all things. All means everything unless it is followed
by a list of other nouns specifying the all.
This love is daily tested in relationships where people
continuously abuse, cheat and fail.
How much should we cover?
What exactly does it mean to cover, not to talk about it?
I believe that this biblical principle of covering is strongly
connected with forgiveness.
We forgive because God forgives.
We have no biblical right to withhold forgiveness from anyone.
You don’t have to wait to forgive, it’s an immediate choice.
No evil in this world should be able to overpower our
decision to forgive.
This doesn’t mean that people are not held responsible for their
Evil should be reported through proper channels.
No one should accept continuing abuse, physical nor
emotional, in the pretext of spirituality.
This kind of situations are often very private and demand
a sensitive way to deal with them.
However the best covering for an abuser or any evil doer
is to bring his deeds to the light.
May it be a pedophile relative, dishonest boss or
a violent husband, God’s love wants to bring them to the light.
Whenever other people’s life is in jeopardy covering means

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