Monday, November 24, 2008

the cloud

Their ministry in the temple was interrupted by the cloud.
It filled the place of worship with God consciousness and
“they could not continue ministering because of the cloud.”
Their religion was interrupted by God.
I Kings 8:10-11
One of man’s problems is his ability to practice a religion that
works without God.
Without the presence of God any church turns to a market place,
or just to a funeral home, where bureaucracy is well maintained
by religious vocabulary.
What can stop a church from dying?
When you look at the massive , empty churches in Europe this
question is unavoidable. Why did these churches die?
It’s clear that for one reason or another they lost the mystery.
They lost the sense of God’s presence, the cloud that cannot be
controlled, manipulated nor perfectly explained.
Have you ever felt the presence of God? Many of us can recall
a strong sense of God’s presence in revival meetings
and prayer times, the place was shaking.
I think even a better question is, “Have you ever believed in the
presence of God?” When your emotions didn’t provide any
power signals, you didn’t think about moving mountains, but
you simply loved God with all of your heart and mind.
Faith accompanied with sings and wonders can easily be
shipwrecked. Faith without signs and wonders will most
probably die out. How about him who believes without seeing
and worships him independently of the visible and invisible
surroundings? He will be gladly interrupted by the cloud.

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