Friday, November 7, 2008

let the inner man out

If we lie to ourselves we reach the worst state in our moral
character. Some people have learned to do it so well that
they are able to justify their irrational behavior to themselves
and others. They insist being “dead” when they actually
are busy running all over the place covered with labels,
well-fitting masks and commonly accepted vocabulary.
The inner man needs to come to the surface.
When that happens a believer starts living in a revival.
Nothing is more satisfying than an undisturbed fellowship
with the Creator of our soul.
Whenever truth hurts it’s pain has a taste of promise in it.
Martha responded to Jesus with a cynical statement:
“I know, that my brother will rise again in the resurrection
at the last day.” In the same time she was burdened by the
length of all those innumerable days before the last one.
Truth works today, not only at the last judgment.
Truth works, but it cannot be used.
It always pups up above all the politics, manipulations
and other complicated games that men play.
It cannot be used as a stepping stone for man’s flesh.
Truth is eternal and unchangeable.
It is not our conscience, super ego nor an adapting pattern
for survival.
It’s incredible that our Savior’s name is the Truth. (John 14:6)
Maybe that is going on in your life:
The truth in you wants to come out.

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