Wednesday, November 26, 2008

the rock

We need a rock, a foundation that is bigger than our life.
Psalm 61:2
If we limit ourselves to our own understanding and ability
we will be frustrated and troubled.
From the platform of faith we see further.
It seems like God always invites us out from our own
circles when we get overwhelmed by our circumstances.
He leads us to step into his presence.
He somehow encourages us not to worry about those
things that sooner or later will pass away and be no more.
He wants our souls to prosper.
Man’s subjectivity gives him a false security. People often speak
about their intuition, their ability to know people at first glance.
They trust their own heart and encourage others to do the same.
The reason why human heart is described to be more evil than
any other thing is it’s subjectivity. Jer.17:9
Most of the endless misunderstandings and other complicated
relationship problems are rooted in subjective hearts.
Jesus did not come to this world to look for people’s opinions.
He took the blame on himself
and became the rock that helps us to see beyond
the nonsense all the way to eternity.

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