Monday, January 19, 2009


Availability is one of our best abilities, but it remains
worthless without the adequate knowledge and trained
skills. On the other hand I don’t think that the lack of
education and skills is the problem with Christian
churches today.
With the innumerable amount of Bible teaching, prayers,
conferences and financial resources the church could
in a couple of days reach the whole world with the Gospel.
Why isn’t it happening? Is it happening?
I believe that any believer who dares to cross the border of
commonly accepted availability will soon discover that
the church is reaching the world and he is right in the midst
of it.
Speaking endlessly about the “coming revival” doesn’t hit
so well home with people who know the message inside-out
but don’t want to let it move them even once.
Yes, availability is the key.
Why should we continue loosing all our best people to the world,
working long hours with an extreme dedication when the
Lord’s field is empty?
Availability means practical obedience.
P.Schaller said in Saint Petersburg, “If we are not afraid
of people, failure or success we can be used by God”.
Do I dare to ask him, ”What could be another way for you
to use me? I am available.”

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