Tuesday, January 13, 2009

GRACE FACE / P.Julian Timofte

name: Julian Timofte
church: Greater Grace Church in Moldova
profession: Pastor
lately encouraged by: the truth that I'm holy because I was chosen and seperated for God before the world was created. It's a privilege for us to be God's holy vessels.
mission vision:I have a vision to be a better tool in God's hand.
I want people to become disciples who are being formed into the image of Christ.
special prayer request:Please, pray for me and my wife to have a child.
Pray also for new team-members and Bible School students for this spring in Moldova.
special thanks to: Pastor Schaller for his messages and his walk with the Lord. I want to thank all those who are praying and supporting us faitfully.
special greetings to:Mamma Lea, Elina, P.Artur in Samarkand,P.Pamir in Almaty,Anar and Ainura, Niyazi and Irada
e-mail and telephone:tajulianhu@yahoo.com
telephone +37369751001

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