Friday, January 9, 2009

GRACE FACE / Lea Salminiemi

name: Lea Salminiemi
church: Greater Grace Church in Helsinki
profession: nurse, small business owner
lately encouraged by: The Lord looks into people's heart.The thief on the cross simply said,"Lord", and got saved.It seems to me that he had been listening to Jesus before. He knew the power of Jesus.
We should be so careful with people.
We don't know where they are at. God knows.Sometimes it looks like the Deity of
Christ can be understood only through suffering.
mission vision:My work is a vision from God.I believe that my clients are sent by God.He always leads me to meet people's spiritual needs.
special prayer request:for guidance and wisdom as I need to make some changes in
my work in order to manage the ministry.
special thanks to: I daily thank God for our ministry being a hiding-place for me.
special greetings to:P. Julian and Natella now visiting Istanbul.Thank you for the fellowship we shared during our mission in Italy.
e-mail and telephone: cell +358 400 746089

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