Wednesday, January 21, 2009


We cannot underestimate the spiritual element in our lives.
Everything relates to that.
In the fast spinning world we naturally end up spinning
around with the rest of the creation. Things happen even
without our initiative and planning.
Without doing anything besides being a person you are
included in all kinds of activities and mysterious projects,
your name is filling the endlessly hungry mailing lists.
I believe that one of the true indicators of our value is our
ability to say “no”.
You have to protect your life from all kinds of temptations
and so called opportunities that continuously lust after your
I remember opening a bank account in Turkey.
The staff was very helpful and patient.
We went through half a kilo of papers full of small print
paragraphs that even the worker didn’t consider worth
reading. Paper after paper was stamped and the process was
every so often interrupted by me singing my name here and there.
I signed at least twenty times and I understood that with my
refusal to sign the process would be immediately stopped.
My signature kept those papers flying.
This is a clear example of God’s greatest gift to man,
the free will. Even the unbelieving world has to honor that.
With that we navigate our lives through the jungles of
temptations, dangers and opportunities.
With man’s decision even his eternal destiny will be
Every time when man says “no” God’s integrity is manifested.

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