Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's not a sin to be smart.

It’s not a sin to be smart.
We should not be so fast to condemn people
who seemingly have left their call as full time Christian
workers and become busy
in pursuing their career in the world.
Even though money sometimes is their motivation
most of them simply lack an intellectual challenge
in the church.
When the church life doesn’t give anything to do
for educated , smart people, they become
busy in other organizations and companies and
attend the church simply because they have a conviction
about it.
Sometimes the pastors are insecure with people like this
and consider them a threat, especially the smart,
professional women.
I believe that every professional skill and talent could
be and should be used for God’s glory.
I think this is one of the greatest challenges for today’s
Church. Everything that believers know and can do
should be used to the maximum to reach the whole world
with the best possible product ever, Salvation and beyond.
I cannot think of anything more intellectually challenging
than the Mission work.
Please, talk back to me.
It would be interesting to hear from others about this theme.
God is smart but not proud.

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Kim Poston said...

I think something P. Jason recently said applies to this devotion...
"If what we know doesn't bring us to a place of WORSHIP, then what we know will lead us to a place of PRIDE".