Tuesday, August 25, 2009

no Creator, no purpose

It’s difficult to become better in reaching your goal in life,
if you don’t believe that you have one.
May it be in irresponsible Fatalism or abstract Atheism,
it’s all the same: people lack direction and with it a fulfillment
as their souls are swimming in the merciless ocean of purposelessness.
Goals can ultimately be defined only with a Creator.
I am on my way from Him to Him,
not just from nowhere to nowhere.
Believing in the existence of the Creator doesn’t yet guarantee that
I’m living out my purpose.
My choices express my identity.
I can glorify my Creator or bring shame to His name.
I cannot change Him , nor get rid of Him.
He has thoughts of grace towards me.
Grace is full of purpose.
It doesn’t work as a general concept.
It can only be understood in a situation where real people are
deciding what to think, say and choose.
God’s love, which is always greater than ours, helps us to get back
from sin (failing His purpose) to His eternal purpose.
Hell is the furthest place from His purpose.
My grandmother used to say, ”Why do you hurry in a ready world?”
I believe she had understood something about the eternal purpose of God.
He has made everything ready before we were even born.
That’s why his purpose will stand and doesn’t need to be modernized
nor adjusted to the “changing” world.
Ephesians 3:8-12

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