Wednesday, September 23, 2009

from salvation to salvations

The widow in I Kings 17:12 had a sad philosophy in life.
She had nothing but death waiting for her.
As she was gathering sticks in order to prepare the last
meal for her and her son she met with a man of God, Elijah.
The prophet asked for water and bread.
She only had flour and a little oil for their last meal.
Her plan was to eat once more and die.
That’s the testimony of life in us.
We want to live.
Even in our darkest moments we still are willing to prepare
a meal and enjoy some more these precious moments that
God has given us.
Elijah invites her to a life of faith by requesting her to invest
her last crumbs in him.
Out of her last bread he was ready to take something.
It sounds almost like asking for money from a blind beggar’s hat.
she believed and miraculously her bin of flour was not used up,
nor did the jar of her oil run dry. A miracle, a new life,
the excitement of a new hope till her son all the sudden, dies.
What is this?
I thought that God wanted to bless her.
She reacted. She was angry at the man of God and ready
to return to her old philosophy of desperation.
Now she had an endless supply of flour but no-one to feed.
She had a miracle and a tragedy in the same time.
Yes, her son was raised from the death and this testimony has
a happy end.
I think that most of our happy ends will be waiting for us
only in heaven.
Now we are growing from miracles to miracles and from
salvation to other salvations.
We have not arrived yet.

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