Sunday, September 6, 2009

it's a personal issue

When people loose their motivation in life they stop caring.
They stop caring about right and wrong.
They stop caring about themselves, the way how they look,
what they think, how they behave.
They could care less what others are thinking or what they
are in need of.
When believers loose their spiritual motivation the same
thing happens. Things don’t touch nor move them anymore.
They become nominal Christians, good people who are actually
nothing more than backsliding soldiers who are sleeping right
in the middle of the battle field.
They are good people, but they are asleep.
This kind of passivity can be traced back to a lack of motivation
which is directly related to one’s personal relationship with God.
You might be busy in running around from one religious activity
to another, but do you ever talk to God?
Do you hear from him? Do you have any questions to him?
Our spiritual motivation comes from fellowshipping with God.
Other believers can teach you and encourage you , but they cannot
hear from God for you. God wants to speak with you personally.
What good is it, if you can answer all the questions, but cannot
say, ”I prayed and God answered me?”
In order to fellowship with God we need to “Exercise ourselves
toward godliness” I Tim. 4:7
We come to him “Gumnoz” , naked, without holding anything
in our hands. Close you cell phone, turn off your computer and
lift up your empty hands.
He will fill them with a lot of motivation.

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