Saturday, September 12, 2009

Neither do I condemn you.

Whatever you do or don’t do (enough) in the plan of God
will always be accused one way or another.
In Revelation 12:10 the Devil is identified as the Accuser,
who day and night accuses the elect to God.
Why is he doing it?
Is it his bitterness or his concept of justice that strives him to
these endless projections on believers’ minds?
Why does God allow it?
Well, why was he allowed to access this universe in the first place?
He is here and he is not quiet.
He has filled the atmosphere with accusations.
Some of them are based on facts, most of them are just master-minded
manipulations of half-truths that fit man’s soul like a glove.
If you are careless and respond to these accusations a little, they
will flood your whole being with darkness in no time.
The saying “guilt has very quick ears to an accusation”
is well known in the kingdom of darkness.
Believers who have never been taught the marvelous grace of God
can easily be influenced by all kinds of religious demands
that might bring more business yet no faith rest into their lives.
Advice number one, “Don’t accept any accusations.”
Advice number two, “ Don’t become a part of any accusation.”
Get right with God daily, but don’t let the Accuser run your life.
Jesus was sinless and he was accused more than anyone else
ever. He always defended his disciples , even when they were
seemingly wrong.
Ephesians 1:6, John 8:11, Romans 8:1, I John 3:20, Hebrews 10:10

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