Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Keep on praying for Samarkand !

Latest from Samarkand

A court case took place against our believers in Samarkand.
Two of the leaders ( Toir and Pasha) were fined for 150$ each
and a lady who was accused to open her home for the meetings
was fined for 50$.
All the books and the computer that were confiscated are still
kept by the police.
The police is also visiting the teenagers, who were arrested in
the youth meeting, in their school and making
them to sign reports and written promises that they will not attend
the church activities ever again.
The church has stopped their bigger meetings for a season.
They love their country and pray for the authorities daily.
Let’s pray together with them.
It’s extremely important for them to know that they are not forgotten.
Feel free to write to them some words of encouragement.

Pasha pasha_treasure@yahoo.com
Toir toir37@mail.ru

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