Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Keep on praying for Samarkand

Our God is so much faithful in giving to us peace and joy no matter what is happening in our lives. Please, continue praying for Toir, Pasha and Pasha's Mom. Toir appealed to the Court, wrote a petition that he disagrees with the decision of the Court, so we will have another session of the regional Court on February 25.Pray also for our teenagers; they never let them alone! KGB people informed regional school department and now that school department makes them write letters with promises that they would never go to church again.
The director of their school is the kind of a person which never stops at what has been accomplished. She went to Pasha's housing and communal service director who is a municipal official at the same time and made Pashas's Mom to write a promise that she would never allow
gathering of the schoolchildren again. The situation is not getting better yet. Almost every day they say bad things about evangelical believers on television. We have no meetings and no Bible lessons. But God took care of us: almost all our believers take Bible lessons by correspondence, by listening pastor Shaller's and pastor Schibelli's MP3 messages and also pastor Pavel's ones (he is the pastor of Tumen church in Siberia). Those are amazing messages. And we encourage one
another visiting each other daily. Today all our family prayed and Toir was sharing from the Word. It was a very much encouraging message. Like we should look only at our Lord and expect Him to accomplish what He has already started in our hearts. Because He promised He will! And we also should do our best to carry through what we have already.That is what our faith is all about: to believe in our faithful Lord till the end of our lives.

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