Tuesday, September 14, 2010

cheeks speak

Turning the other cheek is so powerful and so rare.
It doesn't guarantee your physical safety, but it disarms the enemy of any
moral assets against you. It sets you free from revenge.
Somebody pointed out the importance of Jesus speaking about the right cheek.
Matthew 5:39
As most of people are right handed it's not natural for them to slap another on
their right but left cheek. Jesus is speaking about a backhanded slam.
It's more restrained than a direct hit , but nevertheless powerful enough to
challenge you to retaliate.
It's a moral insult.
When you turn your other cheek you testify about grace:
"Yes, I have deserved a slam on my face, actually I deserve more than one."
Many of Jesus' commandments seem impossible to obey.
Actually the diffrence between impossible and difficult isn't that big.
Turning your other cheek cannot be a planned reaction.
It will come from Christ- likeness. The Holy Spirit will teach us this.
Without Christ's character it turns to a greater insult and a retaliation of evil with evil.
Be ready to reveal grace in these stormy relationships.

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