Wednesday, September 15, 2010

healthy pride?

Is there such a thing as healthy pride?
Apostle Paul was boasting of his ability to provide for himself and
for the needs of those who were with him. I Corinthians 9, II Corinthians 11
In Philippi he refused to walk out from the prison unless the men, who had
unjustly thrown him in there, would personally come and escort him out. Acts 16
He was boasting in Christ, but was he proud?
Pride is known to be the original sin in heaven.
It was found in Lusifer's heart.
It was a relationship problem. It defines a person's choice to act independently.
Pride is always originated in man's independency of God.
Spiritually minded person regocnizes his need to depend on God.
He draws his strength from another.
His satisfaction is not based on self-righteous
comparison, but on a free gift with no merit to boast in.
Pride in the true meaning of the word can never be healthy.
God is humble. That makes it very easy for all of us.
I Peter 5:5

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